Jaylon Ferguson Womens Jersey  OOOhh Wee…It’s Warren G. That’s Pastor Warren G. Brookins | Classic Vibes 1480 Cincinnati

You never know where being behind the microphone will lead

Life is a journey which sends us on various paths. Paths are no more than opportunities waiting to happen. In the fall of 1985, I began walking the path of a broadcast career in radio, one of many things I inspired to do in life. I grew up listening to WCIN 1480 AM from 1960 through its last chapters. As a board operator (a producer the modern day terminology), I used what I had learned while studying communications at the University of Cincinnati. I was silent in my early days just running the board and dubbing spots. After a short run of a classical format, R&B returned to WCIN airways. A slot was open for the weekend late evennings position. Everett Cork ask me to fill the position in January 1990. Thus the character OOh Wee Warren G. was born and introduced to the Cincinnati market. I held the position until May of 1993. Today I still stand behind the mike as the Pastor of Berean Experience Church, Hamilton, OH. Here’s a little known fact: Many of WCIN DJs left radio to pursue ministry or preaching. Things that make you say Hmm. <><