Jaylon Ferguson Womens Jersey  A Rebirth of WCIN?…it’s a new day! | Classic Vibes 1480 Cincinnati

It’s been a number of years since WCIN went dark. Gone are the days of the huge tubes in the transmitter room, the logging of the measurements every six hours, the reel to reel tape machine, the carts, the multi-channeled boards and in many cases..gone are the brick and mortar buildings that housed the radio stations. The realm of entertainment has expanded to hand held devices that can link one into this thing called the internet….yes, the World Wide Web.  There is no longer the restriction of wattage on an AM or FM band…just tap into the internet and the world is your audience. We now have Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud, Snapchat and many other platforms that links us all together.
…..As the “Chosen One” to keep the memory of WCIN alive, it has been put in my spirit to utilize all the platforms that are available today to rebirth the “Spirit of WCIN”. It’s a charge I have been given and its a goal that I plan on achieving.
     Technology has made it possible to bring the same…and sometimes better…quality of entertainment and information to a much larger audience..THE WORLD! It is a much more refined and less expensive way to do the business of fulfilling the needs of a community. It has made it possible to maximize the talents of individuals who aren’t necessarily in the same state or even the same country.
I still have the letters from the side of the building on Glenwood

….Well, I have…and I’m doing something about it….I have done a lot of research on making that imagined thought a reality.
…..It requires the proper equipment…and I intend on utilizing the best, a space to house the equipment, which is optional depending on the size of the operation…and I have that in place, a team who shares the dream of the “rebirth” and wants to make a positive difference in the community and the world. This effort is going to take funds to acquire the equipment, maintain the space and take care of the royalties that I will make sure the artists receive fairly for the work they have done.
To help in this effort, I am calling on the community to contribute to a gofundme campaign that I have started to get this dream for an internet radio station that will be programmed to fulfill the health, wealth and cultural well-being of the community. Just like WCIN did during it’s time…this will be the drumbeats of the community.  Music, news, information that we can actually use for unity and growth of the community. The campaign page is listed below…click on it to donate.  If you know me you know how passionate I am about that which was once ours and can be ours once again.

Lets’ do this…gofund.me/rmwrnhhd

You can donate anonymously if you so desire…

The future is bright!!!…..Keep your head to the sky!!!