Jaylon Ferguson Womens Jersey  THE REUNION OF THE FORMER WCIN EMPLOYEES | Classic Vibes 1480 Cincinnati

It was like a calling from above…my concern for the ever growing need for stability in the community led me to question what I could do to have some positive input.  One thing that WCIN did was give the community a place to vent and bring solutions to changing conditions.  We, as a big part of the African American community would make it a point to be in the community as much as possible.  We would attend community mwcin-family-portraiteetings, have lunch with our listeners at their place of employment,  do remote broadcasts from various locations and even go to the schools to speak with the children to try to give them hope.  My task seemed simple…in order to recreate the same atmosphere and mind set that was such a big part of WCIN….gather the people who used to do it. Of course, there was some apprehension on my part as to whether or not the “family” would be willing to gather once again and listen to my vision.  After many sleepless nights and much prayer, I was able to contact the former employees of WCIN for an evening of fellowship and renewing of old relationships and a bond that we all agreed can be likened to FAMILY. During the process of notifying everyone and arranging for a place to gather and catering and all the elements needed to be put in place for a this event to be successful…I wondered if this was the right thing to do. I was constantly encouraged by everyone I contacted that this was an event whose time had come. In my spirit I was assured that “If you call them, they will come”.

On Saturday, January 16th, 2016 at the Cincinnati Hamilton County CommunityActionAgency
the Family got back together…

Seated: Bill Meredith, Wayne “Box” Miller, Derrick Feagin, Lincoln Ware, Phil (Dark Soldier) Tucker, Khrys Styles, “The Real” Mark J. Neil, Tony Pierce and Bob Crosby.
Standing: Everett Cork, Bill Webb, Tyrone (T.C.) Cannon, Joe Sears, Nikki Smith, Saundra (Savannah) Whigham, Terry Moore, (Sister)Evette Banks, John Thomas, Wendy Palmer, Letecia Cunningham, Gina Ruffin Moore, Edna Howell, JoAnne Moore, Dr. C. Keith Melvin and Courtis Fuller.