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History was constantly being made

Maxcine Hardwick

Maxcine Hardwick brought a unique brand of professionalism to the airwaves…first on television as a weather person and then on radio.

A visit from Johnny Cochran

Mr. Cochran made a visit and captured the attention of all.

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On whose shoulders we stood!

Charles (Buggs) Scruggs, Eddie Castleberry and Jockey Jack


Photo Credit-Randi’s Frozen Moments Photography

Virgil Nixon

The community anxiously awaited Virgils command of the airwaves!


Photo credit-Randi’s Frozen Moments Photography

WCIN On Air Veteran Talent

At an anniversary gathering…love filled the entire city


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Ladies of WCIN

The beautiful ladies of iconic WCIN

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Bob Long

Bob’s most notable statement was “Eat the Ribs, Baby”…coined during a weekly appearance at a local night club…!


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Buggs Scruggs

The man with the plugs, back on the scene with his record machine!!


Photo Credit-Randi’s Frozen Moments Photography

Symphony Sid Kennedy captivated the community with ||Nightwatch||

Sid kept folks up late nights to listen to his unmatched style one of a kind delivery!!


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Bill Meridith brought the community sports in his own unique and professional way.

Known to always sign off his broadcasts with “30” which was a tribute to his father…a railroad man..and means “end of transmission”.


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Bill's interview with the legendary Jackie Robinson can be heard in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The former WCIN employee Family Reunion

On Saturday January 16, 2016 the former employees of WCIN got together to reminisce about old times and discuss the rebirth of the “Spirit of WCIN”.


Photo credit-Michael L. Mitchell

Bob Crosby...an on-sight engineer

Bob Crosby sat behind the microphone and ensure continuity…and when an engineer was needed to tweek the transmitter he made himself available.


Photo credit-C. Smith Studios

Personalities often gathered at the back door at 106 Glenwood Ave.

Just hanging out was a common past time!


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Ahhh...the name is Bootsy, Baby!!!!

Superstar Bootsy Collins and two of the favorite listeners of WCIN…Thomas and Bernadette Watson!!!


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Chaka Khan...Chaka Khan



Photo credit-Michael Mitchell

William ||Bootsy|| Collins...the crowds favorite Funkateer



Photo Credit-Michael Mitchell

The Greatest poet...his lyrics have been used as lines to make us sound romantic

Ease Up, Chaunston Brown

No other personality matched the wit and professionalism of this guy!!


Photo Credit-C. Smith Photography

The Sweet Sounds of History

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